Display Case Glass, Mirrors & Shelving

In addition to storefront glass and glass entrance doors there are many other services and products that Glass Builders can provide for your retail business or office. These products and services include custom glass display cases, wall or column mirrors and custom glass shelving. We can create a custom glass display case or glass shelving unit to suit your specific needs. We are also able to install floor to ceiling mirrors to give the appearance of a, brighter and more appealing store or custom cut mirrors for any size wall or column space you are looking to fill. We have provided custom mirrors, glass display cases and custom glass shelving for virtually every type of retail business including spa’s, clothing stores, restaurants, dance studios, fitness clubs, the largest corporate offices and the smallest private businesses. For information regarding glass shelving units, glass display cases, mirrors or glass standoff systems for your commercial project contact Reed Johnson at  818-371-1388   or info@glassbuilders.com

  • Glass standoff display system hardware
  • Custom glass shelving
  • Custom glass display cases
  • Custom wall and column mirrors
  • Glass partitions and glass wall
  • Floor to ceiling glass shelf cable systems
  • Wall to wall vertical glass shelf cable systems
  • Wall to glass shelf rod systems
  • Slim line glass shelf

The Entire San Fernando Valley.