Glass Types

Safety glass is considered any glass that when broken does not pose a safety hazard.  Current building codes require safety glazing in all doors, sidelites, bathroom tub and shower enclosures, patio furniture. The two most common types of safety glass are laminated glass and tempered glass.

Laminated glass like that in your car windshield is manufactured by laminating 2 pieces of glass together with a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) inner-layer. When broken, the glass cracks but stays together so there is no danger of lacerations. Laminated glass also provides a level of security when used in storefronts because it stays in place even when badly broken due.

Tempered glass is manufactured by heating glass to approximately 1200º F and then by rapid cooling of the outer surfaces. This cooling causes a tension between the outer and inner surfaces. This tension increases the strength of the glass approximately 6 times more than its original strength. When tempered glass is broken, this tension causes it to shatter into small pieces rather than large sharp shards.

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